Chapter One


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

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With the current impetuous of humanity awakening like a giant bear from its hibernation and slumber, comes the need to take more and more responsibility for our actions. Just how much responsibility can we take, well that is limitless. Just how much responsibility we are willing to take, well that is up to us and hinges around our personal awareness.

The state and condition of the world in which we live, comes down to our way of thinking. When we think positively and for the good of all, results manifest that reflect those conditions. Conversely, when thoughts emanate from the mind of greed, power, control and separateness, then our world reflects the same, as we have seen over our past history. Witness Catholics in conflict with Protestants for a hundred years in Ireland, Sunni and Shias fighting each other in Iraq, Wall Street greed, corporate dominance and environmental degradation, inequality between males and females, the list is endless and quite depressing!

These behaviours are based on archaic belief systems, emanating from humanity’s egoic and collective, ancient mind.

But now we are on the cusp of a huge global transformation, a metamorphosis of giant proportions, unlike anything experienced since we emerged from the Agrarian Age into the Industrial Revolution and from the Information Age into what is now developing, but has yet to be named. Some call it the Spiritual Age; others label it the Age of Oneness. It really doesn’t matter what we call it, but it is important to recognise that change is occurring and to warmly embrace whatever it may be.

This transformation can be likened to a pregnancy and childbirth, which as we know can be full of anticipation, trepidation, fear of the unknown, concern about one’s ability to endure the pain and a whole gamut of disturbing emotions and thoughts. But from this uncomfortable process emerges new life, which is truly a gift and an opportunity to grow our awareness, love and compassion as parents and human beings.

For the beautiful butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis it has to endure hardships and so it is with humanity, on every step along our evolutionary path. We live in a dualistic universe, where opposites exist, but in essence we are all part of the same One. How could we ever experience hot, if we didn’t know what cold was? How could we enjoy happiness, without having the relativity of sadness? It is through this duality that we discover that we are all connected as one human family and beyond.

The emerging modern age took a giant leap in the 1960s, known as The Sixties, when post-war conservatism was severely challenged and rejected by a stalwart band of hippies in California and soon spread around the world.

Every facet of conservatism was confronted and held up to the light for inspection. Music, art, poetry, sexuality, chemical substances, lifestyles, commerce, religions, et al, in some quarters, not all, underwent a rapid and substantial shift. Citizen activism, emulating Gandhi’s non-violent protests in India took to the streets of Washington to protest the war in Vietnam, communes sprang up, and clothing became more outrageous and colourful. The Cavern in Liverpool swayed to the beat of the Beatles, while others experimented with mind altering substances and their own sexuality.

The Age of Aquarius was floated into the public domain; an age predicted by traditional tribal folk, sages, seers and mystics for a very long time, which promised reconciliation, love and peace. “Ages are believed by some astrologers to affect mankind, while other astrologers believe the ages correlate to the rise and fall of mighty civilizations and cultural tendencies” – Wikipedia

“Make love, not war” was the catch-cry as the birth of the modern peace movement emerged, lead by the likes of Dr Martin Luther King and John Lennon, to name just two.

The theme was peace, love, community and harmony, but by the 80s that soon disintegrated into hedonism for many, when realising through their new-found awareness that they had some control over their lives through positive thinking, they could break out of the shackles of self-imposed scarcity and create a more abundant life.

So the next few decades were filled with materialism and consumerism and with that, similar to a rampant creeper, came a resurgence of world-wide greed, corruption, control, power, suppression, denial of human rights, etc., all of which emanated from a peanut-sized collection of cells in the left hemisphere of the brain, we know today as the ego.

Over the past few years since the millennium change, we have seen a refreshing trend surface; one of hope for humanity, as we wake up to the fact that we cannot continue to survive as a species, if we repeatedly enact the same destructive behaviours or attempt to resolve our troubles, with same thinking that created the problems in the first place. As we recognise the dilemma that we are all facing; a rapidly growing population and declining resources, we realise the non-sustainability we have created for ourselves and that is driving us by necessity, to change our ways.

Where there is change there is growth and the corollary, where there is no change, there is stagnation.

We are in the age of change, so as to speak, where individual, collective and corporate social responsibility will be an absolute necessity, not a nice to have, feel-good, temporary fix.

And responsibility is the operative word here, which brings us back to where we started this conversation. The direction individuals, small, medium and large businesses, corporations, Non Government Organisations, governments and the global community called Humanity must take, is a collective responsibility for everything we undertake that leads to the well-being of everyone, including Mother Earth, who supports and sustains our very existence.

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“This handbook is remarkable in its profound depth, ex-pressed in such a simple return to first principles”.

“I can tell that this represents an entire life’s work, part of which has been to contemplate how to hone the concepts to their core, traditional messages”.

Dan Leftwich, Founder of Evolutionary Law, Boulder, Colorado, USA