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Update – August 2013

Since our last post, the Living Classroom has morphed into something much bigger and better!!

We have now leased some land adjacent to the Taman Petanu Eco- Neigborhood where we will install a donated wooden building that will serve as the Living Classroom Learning Centre, which will be surrounded by organic farmland producing healthy, nutritious foods.













We have raised the bar in all areas of this project, because we can see just how much our local community and Bali as a whole, can benefit from our efforts.

7800 Aug 13 thermometerThrough the generous support of our donors, we have raised over US$7,800 and counting.

The plan is to develop a one-stop Learning Centre to educate school children, parents, farmers, tourists, educators and any other interested parties on wholesome and healthy foods, choices, and lifestyles.

We will run workshops, film shows and seminars on Permaculture, waste management, environmental preservation and protection, growing organic, composting, renewable sources of energy, seed saving and more.

With a little organic cafe to satisfy your taste buds, The Living Classroom Learning Centre, will be an ideal haven to linger, learn and savour our freshly picked produce.

At the time of this writing, The Taman Petanu Eco-Neighborhood, is conducting a world-class Permaculture Design Course, to educate local farmers and others on the benefits and ease of working with Nature, instead of against it. This in perfect alignment with our vision and plans for the neighborhood and we are delighted to have sponsored some of our local farmers to join the course at no cost.

These are exciting times, with a huge transformation of just about every aspect of life and we are proud to be part of this initiative to help others and cause no harm in the process.

More to follow.


 What is the Living Classroom Program?

Bali’s first “Living Classroom“, is a model or example school for piloting eco-literacy, healthful living, good nutrition, environmental protection and rehabilitation, as part of the school’s standard local curriculum.

What the Living Classroom Delivers

Training and resources for schoolteachers, so that they can be motivated and able to deliver vital environmental education.

These teachers, when supported and motivated, will play a major role in developing the capacity and awareness of the local community, for environmental protection. Local communities need to re-learn how to grow organic food at home, how to manage wastes and how to protect the rapidly reducing resources of the island before it’s too late.

Bali’s youth also very much need to learn about eco-systems and how they, who will inherit many of the impacts of Bali’s current unchecked, rapid development can address increasing environmental impacts over time. There is an urgent need for developing model schools that can provide eco-literacy and environmental education solutions for the island in both the short and longer terms and the Living Classroom Program fills this need.

To be able to make this program a reality your help and support is very much needed.

We have commenced our fundraising, which currently stands at US$2,631 from the Living Classroom Project’s supporters. What is needed is a total of US$5,000 to support the purchase of schoolbooks, games and tools for the program’s implementation. The funds are needed to allow the team to be able to be here in Bali working with the school and empowering the project into fruition. Also very much needed is in-kind donations of books and volunteer support for teaching English to the eager-to-learn children.

When we have raised the funds needed to make this project happen, the initiators of the Living Classroom Global Project, Aaron Sorensen and Dan Deighton, will come to Bali to set up the baseline for the program, in cooperation with their local counterparts here.

Over time, as the project unfolds, opportunities will be established for teachers and or students of Australian Living Classroom projects to come to Bali and share their personal experience, knowledge and skills with their Balinese counterpart Living Classroom schools.

This wonderful program provides opportunities for building life long friendships, and cross-cultural sharing, filling in some of the gaps that rapid globalization has created with mutual, shared vision for a better, healthier, more understanding and caring world of inspired global citizens.

The community of Kemenuh, just south of Ubud, is very enthusiastic about this opportunity for the development of their local school as Indonesia’s pioneering Living Classroom. They have high hopes for their children and also many stories, traditions and ideas to share.

Please help us realise this vital and worthwhile program, by making a donation.

 We are over half way to our goal!!

You may use the contact form for details as to how you may contribute.

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Thank you for caring and making a difference


Update 15th August 2012

As you can see we are well on our way to reaching our first milestone of US$5,000 and as with many projects, it is morphing into something very special.

We hope to expand our classroom concept to become the Living Classroom Learning Centre.

More to follow as it unfolds but needless to say, it is very exciting that this project is unfolding to benefit more and more people.