Raymond Goh, Chairman & CEO of Swiber Holdings Limited (Singapore) said:

It is my pleasure and privilege to provide this testimonial for Rick Pursell and his cultural change process – Cause No Harm™.

As a young, dynamic and fast expanding company, we engaged Rick to guide our corporate responsibility processes and adopted the Cause No Harm philosophy as a core value.

Prior to the implementation of Cause No Harm, our efforts, although moderately effective, did not have the punch or sustainable results we sought. Now, less than two years hence, there is a palpable culture of Cause No Harm within our organisation.

The value of this to our company is that we can visibly demonstrate to our clients, stakeholders and employees that we care. We care for ourselves, other people, the equipment and materials we operate and use, the immediate environment, the planet as a whole and about future generations.

This caring and assessment of whether an action or decision will ultimately result in harm, is a driving consideration, from the Board of Directors, to operational personnel. Where a decision or action may potentially cause harm anywhere across the spectrum, it is re-evaluated and either eliminated or reduced to as low as practicably possible.

Cause No Harm as a core value and driver, has contributed to this company being awarded two key acknowledgements last year:

  • Swiber was ranked Top 5 in the Fastest Growing Internationalising Company (4th November 2008)
  • Swiber was awarded “Best Under a Billion” Company by Forbes Asia (3rd December 2008)

Changing a culture does not come easy or without some discomfort, but when it is established, it provides a wonderful platform on which growth, harmony and productivity can prevail.

This testimonial would not be complete without fully acknowledging the originator of Cause No Harm, Rick Pursell. His credibility, experience, wisdom, level of professionalism and caring, has been the driving force behind the cultural change of our company.

He has, and continues to inculcate the culture of Cause No Harm throughout the organisation, never failing to deliver the right words and guidance. He is thoroughly committed to change, not through force or effort, but from a genuine desire to help people live deeper and more richly rewarding lives. So much so, that by a unanimous vote from his peers, he was awarded the “Bright Idea” award for Cause No Harm, at our recent end of year event.

I can unequivocally endorse both the Cause No Harm process of cultural change and the work of Rick Pursell.

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