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Rick Pursell was born in the UK and migrated to Australia as a young teenager. He spent thirty-three years in Australia traveling around the region and the world and eventually moved to South East Asia in 1988. He is now settled in the mountains of Bali with his wife Lita and twin girls.

At an early age, while roaming the lush English countryside, he began to appreciate Nature and all its beauty and this he has carried with him all his life.

As an adult, working as a Health, Safety and Environmental specialist at senior management levels, his passion to protect the environment and help people to live safer and healthier lives fulfilled his Life Purpose.

Over the years he became a highly effective counselor and assisted hundreds of people to find their own hidden talents and passion, along with guiding them to alleviate their own self-created suffering and pain.

These days he runs retreats from his centre in Bali, lectures on Cause No Harm™, continues his writing and managing his business interests, both at home and overseas.

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