The cultural change process, Cause No Harm™ was birthed out of frustration. My frustration in fact, about the inordinate amount of harm we have inflicted on each other, the species we share our world with, the assets that belong to us or others, the immediate environment in which we live, to Mother Earth our true mother and to the future generations that will inherit the legacies we leave behind.

Mahatma GandhiIt then dawned on me that it was pointless to sit around being frustrated and waiting for someone else to make the changes; it had to start with me. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – so said Mahatma Gandhi.

Our goal is to shift people’s perspective and in turn, change their behaviour to one of more sustainability, peace and harmony. In order to bring about this change, we need to believe that is unacceptable to cause harm to:

The evolution of Cause No Harm™ has taken 23 years of research and practical application to evolve into a workable process of change that can be applied by anyone with the willingness to see the benefits achievable for us to survive and grow into a deeply caring, unified human species.

Cause No Harm™ can directly benefit:

It can be inculcated as a culture, established as a core value and a moral code for sustainable living.

It reaches deep into the hearts of people, into their core goodness to want to do “the right thing”.

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