No Out

Our immediate environment is where we live, work and play and I think most people would agree; this needs preserving, nurturing and our respect.

One element of environmental degradation is the rampant discarding of plastic products, from bottles and bags to computers and handphones, to name a few.

These plastic products take years and years to breakdown and in the process, often get washed into waterways and oceans, tipped into landfills or burnt. None of these throwaway solutions are workable and often result in plastic entering the food chain and ultimately, being eaten by us. Imagine this for a moment; would you ever consider chewing on or cooking up plastic for dinner? Not likely, but fish and animals ingest particles of plastic and we eat those, so what is the difference?

There are some really great initiatives emerging around the world today, which offer workable solutions, here are just two of them:

Just Because You Cant See It

Plasticbank – an organisation, which is setting up plastic repurposing centres around the world, where there is an abundance of both waste plastic and poverty.

Their Mission is to remove plastic waste from land, oceans and waterways while helping people ascend from poverty and transition into entrepreneurship.

Plastic Shore Picture

Plastic Shore – is a not for profit organisation that strives to reduce plastic pollution through community engagement and education. Their Plastics For Change programme recycles plastic debris collected from the environment into eco-certified product lines

What can we do?

  1. Get involved, find a group near you that is passionate about the environment and join them, move into action with whatever support you can muster.
  2. Make a donation to a worthwhile environmental cause that is genuinely making a difference.
  3. Start a project or better still, a movement in your home, school, work or community

We are all in this together and together, we can create a future, without causing harm.