Do Better

2013 is coming to an abrupt end and what a year of change it has been!

All around the world, ordinary people, like you and me, are embracing increasing challenges to the issues that face us in our daily lives. You know what they are, so I don’t need to elaborate or bore you with them again here.

A very large segment of society is now at a point of “need of change”, they, we, have had enough and are making our voices heard through whatever avenues we have available to us. We the people, have taken to the streets, held up protest signs, posted on Facebook, Twitter and websites about how we are dissatisfied with the current crisis’s and are now demanding a non-violent, fundamental change.

Non violenceCrisis is the driver of change, so I see this is unfolding for the better.

Now that’s an interesting word – better.

In the attached link, you will see how the word and process of seeking and working towards “BETTER” in the world, can make the old compulsive way of “MORE” redundant.

This is in perfect alignment with Cause No Harm and provides some useful information as to how we can move away from the old paradigm, into a more caring, equitable and sharing world.

Happy viewing and may your New Year be just…..well….. BETTER!!