If you are not fully convinced that adopting Cause No Harm as a core value in our hearts, our families, communities, corporations and governments, then take a look at this link:












The very essence of Cause No Harm, challenges us to evaluate, before we commit to any course of action that will or can potentially result in harm in any area, to assess the risks and consequences of our actions and scrap those that will.

To abandon these ethical practices, is abandoning our own personal and collective integrity, which then can result in massive harm to species, flora and fauna, humanity and the very living entity on which we depend for everything in our lives – Mother Earth.

We have to ask ourselves, why on earth would we do this?

Short term gains are clearly short-sightedness.

The new paradigm for business is – Your People, Our Planet and Profits, while the old one, profits at any cost, clearly is no longer sustainable or desirable.

It all has to begin with us, there is no avoiding this truth!

Are you ready to step up to the plate and make your contribution to a new way of being and doing, a new future where we can all survive and thrive?

I hope so, we sure could use your help and support.