When we pass on, transit from this lifetime to another, our children and children from hereon, will inherit whatever we leave behind, whether we deem it “good” or “bad”. Think about this for a moment; think about it at the deepest level. The legacies we leave behind will have a profound impact on the lives of all future generations.

It well behooves us to make conscious, responsible choices, for there are consequences for every choice we make and here is another thought, if we do come back and I personally, along with millions of others, believe we do, then who will be the future generations?

We will!!

If we really cannot see beyond our egoic-mind’s sense of separateness and need a genuine reason or motivation to do the right thing, then surely the idea that we will come back and be forced to face and clean up our own mess, must be the inspiration that will lead us from apathy to action? If not, then we will have no one else to point the finger at in the future.

No doubt we have all seen that when we point our index finger at someone, three of our fingers point back to us? What does that tell us?

It has been said that “We get to experience that which we cause another”, some may call this Karma and it really doesn’t matter what labels we apply, the truth is, what we give out, comes back to us.

While we have made some rather remarkable inroads into space exploration, the fact remains; we inhabit this one Earth. Our true mother, Mother Earth, provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive.

There is no space rubbish tip or lunar garbage disposal site available to us humans and yet commonly, we misunderstand that when we throw something away, be it plastic packaging, polystyrene containers or other pollutants, it is gone! No such luck, for where is away? If it is to another location on this planet, then it hasn’t gone anywhere; it is still here, going through its process of decay, which in some cases can take thousands of years.

So if there is no such place as “away”, then our best, most responsible choices have to embrace and question the desire for items that we need, rather than what we want. Yes, there is a huge difference. The egoic-mind, cannot get enough, it can never be satiated and will always clamor for more and more, whereas, our needs may be much more simpler and responsible.

Recycle, re-use and repair are all worthwhile efforts to reduce the amount of “stuff” being dumped upon and below the surface of our beloved planet, in her oceans and waterways, and into the air we breathe, but shouldn’t we be looking closer to the source of the problem?

What if we were to deeply question ourselves:

“Do I really need this item?”

“Will it bring me lasting happiness or merely a temporary respite from my suffering or egoic desires?”

When we are convinced it is something we need in order to progress forward with our work, play or lives, then the next areas we must tackle, are these:

Packaging – we must re-evaluate the way we package goods that results in environmental degradation. The reliance on petro-chemical based packaging materials, which shortly after purchase, finish up as garbage, doesn’t make sense. Sure it may look appealing on the shop shelves, enticing us to pick it up and investigate its contents, but when we consider the impact on our life-style and planet, the value of the packaging is negligible, while the pollution is considerable.

Re-cycled, biodegradable materials or more sustainable packaging is possible and must be supported with our individual choices. Insisting on the retailer opening the packaging and ethically disposing of it, can bring awareness and pressure onto manufacturers to change their ways.

Manufacturing – In the earlier manufacturing days, items requiring repair could usually be back in service very cheaply, by replacing a small part, but these days, in pursuit of higher profits over service to customers, goods are purposefully not built to last and when they do need parts, one has to purchase a much larger component or new unit completely!

We need to campaign to manufacturers to provide more sustainable products and support only those that support ethical business practices.

And these words from one of my favorite manufactures and retailers, Patagonia – who “walk the talk”:


Together we imagine a world where we take only what Nature can replace

Two-thirds of our economy is based on the purchase of consumer goods. But to blindly purchase what’s good neither for the planet nor ourselves to keep the game going is the very definition of unsustainability. Let’s buy what’s healthy and useful; let’s stay away from what we don’t need and what causes unnecessary harm. Every action we take together to protect the land and waters we love, adds to our knowledge and confidence that we can reimagine, then help bring about, a sustainable world for those who come after us.


What will it take to re-imagine our world and move into action?

A good start would be for us to overcome our personal apathy, make a commitment and take whatever appropriate action feels right. It’s really not that hard.

Are you up to a more sustainable world filled with peace, harmony, respect and love?

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