It was a spectacularly  fresh morning, as I set off down the mountain at 6:45 am, my driver, Wayan, generously provided by the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, chatted away, whilst dodging the myriad of school children on their motorbikes.

It has always astounded me how the young (some as little as 8 years of age) are so disciplined on the roads. Apart from the occasional tear-a-bout or Valentino Rossi fan, they are very well behaved, considering the amount of testosterone and emerging egos are present.

It was to be a day of young people crossing my path and soon, there I was, staring the future in the face, or to be more precise, 48 young, energetic and enthusiastic faces of the future.

I had been invited to present a workshop on my Cause No Harm process to the older students, who sat wide-eyed and very interested.

The Deputy Principle, John Milliss, introduced me and soon the show was on the road.

The presentation covered the six key elements of Cause No Harm, which are:

 Cause No Harm to:



 Our Belongings and those of others

 The Immediate Environment

 The Planet as a Whole

 Future Generations

It soon became apparent that I was speaking to a group of students who felt passionate about Bali and the state of the environment; with hands shooting up immediately any questions were asked.









What a refreshing change from addressing the corporate sector, not necessarily renown for their ability to readily embrace change!

The workshop portion entailed identifying various actions that each of the students could do individually or collectively and this stimulated some excellent responses, with good, viable ideas.

I had noticed that some recycling activities were already present and hats off to the school staff for instigating this.

But it was the student’s passion that was really apparent and impressed me most, leaving me with a genuine feeling of renewed hope for our environment, humanity and our collective future.

My thanks go to Jennifer Price of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival for organizing and attending this event and for the Australian International School for hosting it and making me feel very welcome

Thank you!