We all know at the deepest level, when we have created something of value, whether it is a home cooked dinner, mowing the lawn or cleaning the family car.

It really doesn’t matter about the magnitude of the deed, but rather how much love we put into it, that counts.

Well I can assure you, a lot of love was put into our book launching event!

Shervin from BaliSpirit and Alexsandra from Ubud Writers and Readers Festival kick off our launch


And so I found myself addressing a wonderful audience at the BaliSpirit Yoga Barn in Ubud at the Ubud Writers and Readers Sponsored Festival, which attracted eager readers and writers from around the world.

Although my book “Cause No Harm – A Handbook for Humanity” was officially published and released in May this year, I finally got to fulfil my dream of a meaningful launch, in a highly conducive setting, surrounded by greenery and to a most attentive audience.











We had gathered at midday on the 8th of October on a somewhat grey day, with the threat of rain lurking in the skies above. Of course as a presenter, those typical nagging doubts crept into my mind “Will anyone show up” but were soon quelled, as a few minutes after the stroke of noon, the peaceful space generally used for yoga, began to fill up.

The theme was: “Creating a Future Without Causing Harm” and involved a discussion on the process of “Cause No Harm” with relevant video clips to reinforce the message, which was really well received.

We talked about the condition of our world now, in a state of separateness and driven by fear and where those beliefs came from. Then we posed the idea that if we adopted the idea and belief that it was UNACCEPTABLE to cause harm, then we would be on the right track to stop doing so. It is our idea and deeply engrained belief that it is acceptable to cause harm to ourselves, to others, to assets, to our immediate environment, to the planet as a whole and to future generations that will inherit the legacies we leave behind, that has lead us to the place we find ourselves in now as humanity.

A lively Question & Answer ensued with some excellent, well though out questions posed.

All in all, a great launch, with much interest generated to create a new paradigm of thinking, one that results in no harm.

My deepest gratitude goes out to the organisers of this event and to those who attended it and contributed both your ideas and positive energy.

Come join us at the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali – March 2012