This may sound competitive, but let’s face it; do we really want to play any game to lose? And of course, winning is not everything – how about playing a game for the sheer joy and pleasure it brings?

The game of life is no different from any other game on the planet, it consists of:

1)    A Purpose

2)    Has Barriers or Obstacles and

3)    Various Freedoms

Let’s explore the anatomy of games a little deeper to gain a greater insight and understanding of our life and the game we are playing.

PURPOSE: All games have as there primary component, a Purpose. If it is the game of football (or soccer), the purpose of Team A is to score more goals than Team B. If it is motor racing, the purpose of Driver A is to pass under the chequered flag ahead of all other rivals.

BARRIERS or OBSTACLES: All games have barriers or obstacles to overcome. Back to our football match where Team A has the following examples of barriers or obstacles to overcome:

  • Team B’s expertise, skill, strategies, professionalism, etc.
  • They cannot touch the ball with their hands (with the exception of the goal keeper)
  • They must remain “On-side” – that is they are not permitted to have one of their men standing near the opposition’s goal, waiting to receive the ball
  • They cannot play the ball outside the marked field.

FREEDOMS: Staying with Team A, we find that they have the freedom to:

  • Play any strategy suggested by their coach
  • Pass the ball in the air or on the ground
  • Substitute any players

Now I challenge you to take any game in existence and analyse it and you will see it contains these three crucial ingredients.

So what is the difference between a game of sport and the Game of Life?

I propose to you, there is no difference. The Game of Life contains the same three elements – a Purpose, Barriers or Obstacles and Freedoms.

Most of us have encountered barriers and obstacles in our life and interestingly enough, the more they are present, it is indicative of the bigger game we are playing. We certainly are aware of our freedoms, or more to the point, lack of freedom depending on where we live. That leaves us with a Purpose and this is where most people get tripped up – they have no idea why they are here or what it is they are supposed to be doing in this life.

The analogy would be a rudderless ship – it is going somewhere, but with no particular destination in mind and quite likely, will run aground at some time in the future.

So to play the game of life to win, we must be very clear about why we are here and what we should be doing with our lives – in other words; we can define our Life Purpose with absolute clarity.

For those living their Life Purpose (and we all come into this incarnation with one), they are filled with passion and purpose, overcome all the barriers and obstacles that they face, know their boundaries and have their freedoms carefully defined.

This is what is meant to be playing the game of life to win.

Play on!!