Definition: Apathy – noun

Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern

Much of our world’s woes today are a result of our apathy; our lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern to do something that needed to be done at an early stage and thus we have allowed the situation to deteriorate to a point when it becomes a much bigger problem to resolve. An almost unconfrontable problem for most to even contemplate and so we throw up our hands in dismay uttering words such as “What can I do, I’m just one person?”

For instance, it is our apathy that has permitted us to allow our environment and planet as a whole, to be degraded to such a degree that in some places, it is unfit for human habitation and other locations, the quality of life is severely reduced.

It is our apathy that has allowed suppressive and over-controlling governments to incarcerate democratically elected leaders, peaceful protesters, or brave reformists, because they dared speak their truth.

Our apathy has allowed greed and corruption to foment, mainstream education to become mediocre, health care to become unaffordable, Human Rights to be eroded away and profit-at-any-cost leaders of corporations to rape the resources of our precious planet until they are practically depleted.

Overfishing, rainforest depletion, pollution, species extinction, malnutrition and lack of affordable medicines – the list goes on and on and guess who is responsible?

We are folks, you and I, because of our own apathy. Yes, that does feel uncomfortable to think about doesn’t it? Because we have been carefully conditioned to avoid those uncomfortable feelings, dive back into our comfort zone and pretend ignorance.

Are we not all members of the Human Race?

Brothers and sisters on this planet we call home?

Do we not all originate from the same Source?

Are we not all connected at the deepest level as One?

Can we continue to deny our own existence by putting our head in the sand and pretending what is occurring around us does not affect us?

We need to wake up, take responsibility, overcome our apathy and make this world a better place. Make our lives and the lives of others more sustainable; and most importantly, treat others and our planet with dignity and respect.

What is the Antidote for Apathy?

Firstly, we need to know from where it originates and that it from a peanut-sized collection of cells in the brain’s left hemisphere, which houses the ego, the source of our fears, separateness and superiority.

Our lives, our lack of interest, enthusiasm and concern is fed by the ego’s desire to ever be in control and deny us the freedom to express ourselves and reach our fullest potential. Imagine that, being dictated to by a bunch of cells no bigger that a single peanut!!

This is the source of our apathy and it needs to be transcended by not permitting ourselves to be subjugated by fear, but to rise above our fears and move into action. Speak up when we need to speak up. Take action when action (not violence) is required, step in when injustices prevails, exert our courage when courage is needed and correct the situations that threaten our very survival.

It is perfectly okay to be interested, to be enthusiastic and to be concerned and you are invited to be so. Otherwise, our apathy will allow us to sit back and watch as our lives and world falls deeper and deeper into the abyss.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

So I dare you:

Be interested

Be enthusiastic

Be Concerned

And together we can make the world a better place for our children’s children and us.

The time is NOW – you are the one you have been waiting for.

Let’s take a stand against apathy, starting with ourselves.

Tally Ho!