Are you interested in a viable future, filled with peace, harmony and unity?

Is this something that appeals to you and resonates deeply within?

If you can say YES to these questions, then I have a proposal for you and there are three options you may choose, to make a difference in our world.









1) Buy the book “Cause No Harm – A Handbook for Humanity” at this link:

It is a simple but effective handbook costing under $10 and applying the principles, you can contribute to changing humanity from separateness to unity.

Buy one copy for yourself and another for a family member or friend, knowing the proceeds from the book sales go towards getting this important message out into the hands of teachers, parents, businesses and corporations.

Does it work?

It helped my client in Singapore win the Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion Dollar Company in 2008 and other prestigious awards. Yes, it works!!










2) Join us on FaceBook causes. Go to to this link:

Join the cause and if you wish, make a donation to our non-profit beneficiary we support – Global Peace Initiatives (…)

Tell your family and friends to join us and together we WILL make a difference.

3) Read through this website: and get familiar with what we are doing to change the world for the better.

You may think to yourself, “What can I do, I am just one person“, well let me tell you, in the past week or so since its inception, 78 caring and inspiring people have joined the Cause No Harm cause at and feel passionate about creating a future without causing harm.

Will you be number 79?

With gratitude,