Meme? Meme – what is a meme?

Let’s take a look at the dictionary definition:


Noun: Biology

An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.

In simple terms, it is an idea that calls you to action to create a new way of doing things, a new culture.

This is what Cause No Harm is all about, creating a future without causing harm, a new culture that supports the idea that it is unacceptable to cause harm. Not…it’s okay to cause a little bit of harm here and there, but it is UNACCEPTABLE to cause harm.

It is a new way of thinking and doing that supports all life and serves the greatest good for the greatest number of people and species in our world, along with the planet itself (or herself, if we acknowledge Mother Earth).

It has to start with ourselves and expands outwards to other areas beyond the ego-self and egocentricity, which only serves an “I”, “me”, “mine” mentality. This very shortsighted and unsustainable point of view openly causes havoc and harm to serve its own needs and not the needs of others. Take a look around our world to see evidence of this occurring.

Humanity is calling out for change, to let go that which no longer serves us and replace it with new ideas, new memes, across a very broad spectrum of activities.

This is your opportunity to create a sustainable culture in our human family, which aligns with positive growth, peace, harmony for us all and future generations.

When we all contribute to this new way of being and doing, we all win.

And isn’t that what we want – to be winning in our lives?

The ball is in your court!