Growth and transformation are  two words quite familiar to most of us and very often, we think of them in terms of companies or corporations

From the Industrial Revolution, to the Information Era, we have seen enormous growth in almost every facet of life, to a point where we can text a message across the world in a split second.

As we grew out of our embryonic stages, humanity had to transform itself to cope with the amount of diversity, size, work, circumstances and geographic locations that we found ourselves in our lives.

So what has this got to do with Cause No Harm?

Well, in order to keep pace and ahead of the game, it is important that we as individuals grow and transform ourselves into people and  employees who passionately care about ourselves and dare I say it – we must learn to love ourselves, which equates to causing no harm to ourselves. When we truly love ourselves and feel comfortable with who we are in this moment, not who we yearn to become, we are unlikely to cause harm to ourselves.

Once we love ourselves, then and only then, are we capable of truly loving others, which is precisely what stage two is all about – causing no harm to others.

Do you see how this fits together?

Do you see how it must start with our own personal growth and transformation and that we cannot sit back and assume it will happen on its own accord or we can wait for someone else to do it for us. We have to make it happen with our thoughts, our words and our actions.

This is both inner and outer work.

Learning to love and accept ourselves for who we are is an inner journey requiring great courage and strength. We may not like our nose, or legs, or the fact we get angry at our kids occasionally or a million other things about ourselves, but when we strip away all these ideas we have about ourselves, guess what is left? A heart just waiting to blossom and when this happens, we will stop causing harm.