Cause No Harm moved further into the limelight on Friday 6th May 2011, with my presentation on how we can create a future without causing harm.

For those of you who are not familiar with TED, I can highly recommend you visit their website at and download any short presentations (for free!!).

The idea I thought worth spreading, addresses the full spectrum of Cause No Harm as a core value within individuals, families, businesses, educational facilities and large corporations and of course, ends with the question – “In what condition will we leave this planet for our future generations”?

Here I am presenting the idea that we need to move from the head to the heart, a prerequisite for causing no harm in our world.

That our mindset must be very clear about it being unacceptable to cause harm.



The well attended function drew international speakers, enthusiastic to share their ideas to a very receptive audience.












An inspiring group of presenters, ranging from one named CNN Hero to a simple villager who is making a huge difference in people’s lives in his area.

And making a difference was the theme and doing it with determination, courage and passion.

Destined to be an annual event in Ubud, it has already attracted some amazing people from around Asia, who so willingly shared their stories.


In June, 2011, the videos will be available on this site and down-loadable.

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