Regardless of whether we own the assets, equipment, materials or not, we must ensure no harm comes to it. So we could ask ourselves these type of questions, which of course may be varied to suit our homes, offices, businesses or any place where equipment, materials or assets are held:

Will overloading the forklift, cause damage to the equipment?

If we reduce our expenditure on maintenance to increase profits, will it cause harm to the equipment?

If we rent a car belonging to a hire company, will we treat it  with the same respect as our own vehicle?

If we neglect or abuse the equipment around our homes, such  as blenders, lawn mowers, hair dryers, etc, will it cause  damage to equipment?

If we leave sacks of cement out in the weather, can the water  get inside and ruin the cement?

If we don’t oil our child’s bicycle chain occasionally, will it  cause harm to the chain?

Harm can be caused to our vehicle if we skimp on its scheduled maintenance in order to save money and in the long run, we cause harm to the vehicle and it costs us more than the original planned maintenance.

Each time we must consider the outcome of our decisions, choices and actions we take regarding assets equipment and materials and ask ourselves:

“Will this cause harm”?

It’s really simple isn’t it?