We have over the past few years, explored how the Cause No Harm process has produced so many positive results within companies and our own lives.

We have seen by putting the new business paradigm of “Your People, Our Planet and Profits” into practice, there are many tangible benefits to be gained, not just more profitability for businesses, but a greater sense of “family’ and relationship building too, which results in greater achievements for all of us.

Humanity is undergoing a huge transformation, where we are being challenged to inspect everything we think and believe, everything we do and to face the consequences of our past and current actions.

It should be apparent to all of us that the earth, upon which we depend on for our very survival, cannot continue to sustain more damage to its air, water and land.

We have enough nuclear warheads stockpiled and readily armed, to reduce every man, woman and child on this planet to dust.

We have species, many of which we rely on for food, dying off at an alarming rate.

We are decimating the “Lungs of the Earth” through deforestation.

Clearly we have to change our ways and cannot resort to putting our head in the sand like an ostrich or deny what is occurring all around us.

The writing is on the wall!!

Each and everyone of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, is being called upon at this time to change the way we behave:
• To ourselves
• To each other
• To our equipment, materials and assets
• To our immediate environment, whether it is at work or home
• To the planet as a whole
• To our children, and their children’s children, who will inherit whatever legacy we leave behind.

We owe it to them to do our upmost to leave their home in good, livable condition – don’t you think?

So, are you up to doing your part?

Can you take each element of the Cause No Harm philosophy and core value of our company and apply it at work and home?

Are you willing to do this, diligently, for yourself and others?

If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, I salute you, honour you and respect you.

Let’s get cracking!!