What is inspiration?

Where does inspiration come from?

How do I live an inspired life?

What is inspiration? Inspiration is experienced as a feeling or sensation that leaves us motivated to move into action. We may have read a compelling story of heroism, listened to an extraordinary guitarist, or seen a moving poverty report on the children in Africa and from deep within our core, we feel an urge to act. We feel we want to do something, even if it is reading more similar books, further listening, or perhaps donating some money to help the children in Africa.

Where does inspiration come from? Inspiration comes from a place deep within us that feels connected to the person, place or opportunity, which is presenting itself. Something within us gets triggered, something resonates within us and there is a feeling of familiarity about it. Perhaps it was the reminder of a child-hood dream or an intuitive “hit”, which tells us “that is something I would like to do” or “I could be doing that.”

How do I live an inspired life? To truly live an inspired life, we need to be very sure about what it is we want to HAVE in our lives. By defining what we want to have or who we want to become, we are effectively visualising the end result. So instead of plotting forward, we plot backwards from what we visualize we already have or have become in our lives.

Then we need to determine who we need to BE in order to have that. The beingnesses we assume will have all the qualities, expertise, experience or capabilities of a highly successful person who has already achieved the end result we seek.

For instance, if we want more peace in our world, we would need to BE peace and what would peace look like? Well it would not be violence, hate, war or terrorism, but it would be compassion, understanding, tranquility, peacefulness, harmony, etc.

If we want to have a New York Times Best Selling book, then what would we need to BE?  Well, for a start we would need to be determined, focused, disciplined, a writer, persistent, positive, and skilled, etc.

When we sort out what we need to BE in each of the areas we want to HAVE in our lives, then the tasks becomes easier, because from our BEINGNESSES, flow our actions or DOINGNESSES.

Let’s come back to wanting to have more peace in our lives. We know we have to BE peace on the inside in order for this to occur on the outside of ourselves and when we are being peace, what sort or thoughts, words and actions do you think we would have? Yes, you guessed it; we would think peaceful thoughts, say peaceful words and do peaceful activities or actions.

So what we DO is a direct reflection of what we are BEING. That is why we are called Human Beings, not Human Doings!! Try this for yourself – whenever you are feeling a bit down, depressed or unhappy, try BEING Happy. Ask yourself, “What would it feel like to be happy right now?”

In summary, whatever we are being, will influence what we think, say and do and ultimately, what we end up having.

Are you up to having a peaceful, happy, successful, richly rewarding, meaningful and purpose driven life, or…

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Go on, I dare you!