We have the wonderful gift of choice in our lives. We  can choose what we eat, what we read, where to go  on holidays, etc. Likewise we can choose to harm  someone or something, or not. When we make a  conscious decision not to cause harm we demonstrate  maturity and responsible choices.

Throughout your life we invite you to choose to Cause  No Harm to:

  • Yourself  – mentally, emotionally or physically
  • Others – treat others, as you would like to be treated
  • Materials and equipment and assets whether they belong to us or not
  • The immediate environment in which we live, work and play
  • The planet as a whole, from which we rely on for our very survival
  • Future generations, who will inherit what we leave behind

Remember, we are only borrowing the environment from our children.

In what condition will we hand it back?

Choose well!!