It is no news that we are living in times of extraordinary change.

Everything is changing, from weather patterns, to the way we read books and magazines on Kindle or iPad. Everything is speeding up; iPhones, Internet connections, banking transactions and airplane travel, to name a few. Everything seems to be in a state of flux; fluidly moving along in time, faster and faster, so much so, that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming!!

While we must willingly embrace the changes that are taking place without resistance, because that is the reality, and it makes no sense to fight against reality, we also need to firmly keep a grip on that which is working in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we have to like everything that is happening, but it is futile to resist or not accept what is occurring. When we operate from a place of non-resistance, we are better equipped to make changes where they are most needed.

So the first stage is acceptance of what is and not resisting it.

If you are new to a company or organisation and the Cause No Harm process, then it may appear yet another thing you have to learn alongside your normal duties, in order to get your job done. It would be very easy to think “This has nothing to do with me”, or “I don’t have the time to get involved in this”. Believe me, it does have a lot to do with you and you must find the time to apply it; it is that important!!

Your future depends on the decisions and actions you take today. Not only is your future at stake here, but the future of the entire human family. Yes folks, it is that important!

“Embrace change and make responsible choices” is a great mantra you could repeat to yourself on a daily basis. Then see how your life unfolds.