Most of us are aware of what we consider our own personal core values, which may include – living in integrity, honesty, openness, truth, etc.

Cause No Harm can also be adopted as a core value that represents the best of human behaviour and sustainable living for future generations and ourselves.

When we consider and believe at the deepest level that it is unacceptable to cause harm; then our behaviours will reflect this as a core value.

Imagine for a moment the idea that it is unacceptable to cause harm to:

  • Ourselves
  • Others
  • Equipment, materials and assets
  • The immediate environment in which we work and live
  • To the planet as a whole
  • To future generations

How then would we feel about others and ourselves?

What would our world look like?

What safety and security would we find in a world that is devoid of wars, religious conflict, hate and violence, crime and poverty, inequality and hunger?

What would our world be like if everyone had access to fresh water, educational opportunities, affordable medical treatment, meaningful jobs, adequate food, shelter, clothing and transport, to name a few?

This is not a pipe dream; this is what a world that practiced Cause No Harm would look like.

Are you onboard?