It is a little old news now, but when we saw pictures  of the devastation that occurred  in the Gulf of Mexico,  it was pretty difficult to see  anything positive  emerging  from this scenario.

Rampant pollution, ecosystem destruction,  livelihoods ruined, tourism severely affected,  credibility dented and massive cleanup costs, don’t  exactly evoke a rosy picture do they?

But what if we were to back out a little and view the  whole scene from a much broader perspective, from  an aerial view, not of the Google Earth variety, but of  what message there could be embedded in this situation for all of humanity?

What if what is unfolding in the very area that the modern oil and gas industry was founded, contained a vital lesson for us as a species, who are so dependent on oil as a resource? A resource we know is diminishing and has quite likely gone beyond its peak, which means we are running out of our primary source of energy.

What if this is a massive wake-up call to all of us who inhabit this wonderful blue planet?

A wake up call so profound, that it shakes the very foundation of our dependency on oil, as we have been since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, that we are literally forced to develop new, sustainable sources of energy that will project us cleanly, efficiently into the future, causing no harm as we go?

Wouldn’t that be positive news?

Don’t you think that a lot of people, from board room executives to subsistence fishermen, from environmentalist to futuristic inventors are now rethinking the risks involved in exploiting the last drop of oil that exists, hidden in the foundation of our earth’s crust?

Couldn’t some amazing inventions evolve from this scenario? There are a lot of brilliant minds out there and already many devices and strides forward have been made to reduce our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy. This could be the catalyst that brings forth new technologies that catapults us into the future, a future of causing no harm to the environment, the planet as whole and future generations.

Now isn’t that some positive news?

Being the eternal optimist, I believe every cloud has a silver lining. There is good to be found in every situation, if only we can look beyond the surface and see the bigger picture emerging.

Come view this situation in the Gulf of Mexico with me, through the looking glass – said Alice in Wonderland (with a bit of poetic licence thrown in).

What is emerging is change; change of such a massive scale, akin to evolving out of the agrarian age, industrial age, information age and into the sustainable future, a wave of new ideas, technologies and ways of conducting our lives – are you up to a little surfing to ride this wave?

Surf’s up!!