Overcoming the Obstacles

We have probably all seen martial arts experts break pieces of wood or cement blocks with their hands or even with their head.

How do they do it?

Is it pure strength?

Is it mind over matter?

Is it some super human skill that us mere mortals will never know about or be able to put into practice?

The question to ask is “Where do they aim for”? Do you know the answer?

Is it in the exact middle point of the object to be broken, or slightly to the side?

Well as it is, it’s neither; they aim for the space below, imagining with their minds that  there  is nothing in between where their hand is before they start and where they want  their  hand to be.

That is, they imagine there is no barrier or obstacle in the way – isn’t that neat?

Now imagine if we could be that focused on where we want to be in our lives, in  our relationships, within our company or as a new human species.

Refrain from putting all your attention on the obstacles or barriers and just keep your vision firmly in mind and watch what unfolds!!