We are already seeing the adverse effects of global warming, deforestation, CO2 emissions, waste build-up and pollution to air, land and water. We must consider the long-term effects of our decisions and actions and ask ourselves seriously, will this cause harm? As a individuals and companies we must act to reduce the burden placed on this planet’s ecosystems and all forms of life.

One of these ways we can do this is through the five ‘Rs’:

  • Reduction: generate less waste through more efficient practices
  • Reuse: re-use waste materials in their original form
  • Recycle: convert waste back into a reusable material
  • Recover: extract material or energy from waste for other uses
  • Residue: efficient disposal of the remaining residues.

There are many other ways in which we can contribute to arresting the polluting effects on this planet and our starting point is when considering our work and actions asking ourselves:              

Will this cause harm?
Think before you act!!

Here are three useful websites to inspire you into action: