Have you ever had a situation where you heard or saw something that you considered life-changing or worthy of taking onboard into your life, only to find out a little while later, you could not continue or maintain it?

What may have occurred originally, was that you knew or recognised something at an intellectual level; something may have resonated within you to make you sit up and take notice. However, a short time afterwards, maybe days or weeks, the impetus to continue waned and it no longer was part of your life.

When we experience something for ourselves, then it has a much more lasting value to us and it needs only one “secret” ingredient to make it fully part of our life and that is – PRACTICE!

Practice makes perfect” as the old saying goes and there is some truth in that. But what practice really does for us, is to take something we know intellectually (at the mind level) and transforms it into some thing we really KNOW (experientially) to be true for us. Practice embeds the information within us and it becomes an experienced part of our life.

In essence, we are creating new neural pathways, which knock out the old pathways and habits and in my personal experience, I have observed that if one practices something for about 21 days, a new neural pathway is formed

So it is with Cause No Harm. We can sprout all the right words, know each of the components and talk about them all day long, but do we apply it into our lives? That is the BIG question. Until we put something into practice, how can we know it works? How can we really experience it? How can it change our behaviour or the way we see things? We can’t and so it is vital that we take the concept of Cause No HarmTM and practice it daily and then it will become a way of life. In fact, a life-enhancing way of life, that gives us the opportunity to make a difference in our own life, the lives of our colleagues, our family, our environment, our planet and for future generations.

Now wouldn’t that be a great legacy to leave behind?

“Go ahead, make my day” – put the words into practice and see what a difference you can make.