“Many hands make light work” as the old saying goes. It doesn’t have anything to do with electricity or turning on reading lights!! It implies that collectively, as opposed to singularly, we are capable of achieving much, much more. Relationships as we know, are the foundation of achievement.

But what can stand in the way of us achieving greatness as a company or organisation?

The three key characteristics of the ego are fear, separateness and superiority, while the sub-sets are many and varied and include, greed, hate, revenge, judgement, envy, etc.  In an individual, it stands in the way of us liberating our talents and rising to our fullest potential.

When groups of people start working together, they are drawn to each other by various qualities they may admire or in the case of the ego, shared fears, ideas of superiority and separateness. Now we have collective egos at work, eroding away the positive activities, goals, and visions of those who operate free from the ego. Ego-less people are heart-centred individuals working for the good of all.

No matter how powerful the vision and intentions of the leadership of a company or organisation, if the collective egos dominate throughout the organisation, then it will be extremely difficult to achieve the desired end result. Good people will leave in frustration, worthwhile new initiatives will be thwarted, minor (and sometimes major) sabotage will occur and the overall energy of the place will be lowered.

We have seen over years that Cause No Harm can create a safer, more harmonious workplace, give us more security, help us win contracts and awards and leads us to the new business paradigm of “Your People, Our Planet, AND Profits” – away from the old paradigm of “Profits at any cost”.

Let’s make very sure that collective egos do not stand in the way of us practicing and applying Cause No Harm, on a moment by moment basis, both at work and at home.

Maybe we should have a sign at our entrance to our house or office – “Welcome, please leave your egos at the front door!!”

We have the tools, please use them wisely.