Think about this for a moment; the highest purpose in the Universe is the creation of an effect.

So here we all are, ambling along the Path of Life, creating one effect after another and the only question to ask ourselves is: “Have the effects we have created benefitted ourselves, others, the environment and Planet Earth, or have they added to the degradation or devolution of each or all of these aspects”?

Our lives are about choices and in order to forward the evolution of humanity, other species and our precious Mother Earth, we need to make responsible choices which are life enhancing, not life degrading.

When we follow the path of the egoic mind, which distils down to fear, we continue the cycle of destruction. The same conditions reappear and we apply the same fear-based solutions and what do you know? We get he same old results that carry us further down the dwindling spiral. Albert Einstein was so right when he said – “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

When we follow the path of our heart, which is love, we add to the creation of the new human being – Homo Novis (or: novus homo, Latin for “new man”). This time, when the same conditions appear, we apply a new solution, which is love-based, and voila, we have created a new cycle that enhances our survival and own personal growth.

Choose love, for the love of Humanity!