Have we created enough harm to our human species, our environment and the planet that sustains us with everything we need? Are you ready to change?

Who else wants a better world for all of us?

It is no secret our world is in crisis and we can turn this crisis around by creating something entirely different, something better, for ourselves, for others and our home – Planet Earth.

In easy, practical steps, we can bring about change at a personal, community and global level.

The time is right, the time is NOW.

Coming soon – The Cause No Harm Online Course, to give you the tools to ┬ábe the change

CNH From This to This

Cause No Harm is a concept, philosophy and Core Value that can be adopted by individuals, families, educational institutions, Small to Medium Enterprises and large multi-national organisations, to reflect their personal integrity along with business ethics and strategy. Everything that is to be done will have as the first consideration, the idea that it must Cause No Harm. No harm to ourselves as individuals, other people, our equipment whether owned or leased, materials, others assets, the environment in which we work, the planet as a whole and future generations who will inherit the legacies we leave behind.

A World in Harmony

Cause No Harm forms the foundation through which humanity can bring about an end to the separateness that is the root cause of us harming each other and the environment, to build a sustainable world steeped in harmony, understanding, caring and mutual growth.

Einstein on thinking

It takes our thinking away from short term gains to sustainable, ethical ideas, integrity and actions that benefit everyone. In short it moves us away from egocentricity to global-centricity, where we consider the impact of our actions broadly and take full responsibility for the outcomes.

By changing our thinking, we can change the world – are you ready?